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The DECEMBER Club Newsletter is out

All Members - fellow member Roger Ashmead has sent me this and it sounds very interesting.

Can I ask that folks have a read through and if there is a general feeling we could add it into the Club Championship tables as well - please get in touch with Lee Sellars (Comp Sect) and bounce any thoughts ideas etc off me.  

But anyone fancy a go anyway???

Hi Mark, one for you to circulate to the Club please. This is a fun way to spend 30 minutes plotting real time. As Crow says below, all for Charity. Road Rally Navigators should really do well at this.

Perhaps this should count in the Club Championship based on placement. Table-top rally Championship - you could count the one in December as practice & the three rounds, and any others organised at club night towards the result.

Cc: "crow@table-top-rallying.org.uk" <crow@table-top-rallying.org.uk>

Sent: Tuesday, 27 November 2018, 23:13:53 GMT

Subject: Internet Table-Top Rally Championship 2018-2019

Hi,  The winter Championship starts next Saturday, December 1st at 22:00.

You'll need to be registered for the Championship and have paid the charitable entry fee to tackle the 12 legs of the first event.

Have you tried the (free) Practice Rallies which introduce you to the new Real-Time Rallies? Many have, and its been fascinating watching competitors' penalties come tumbling down as they get to grips with this new form of table-top rallying.

An easy start with pre-plot navigation and then on to the straightforward plot and bash that you can expect on a real event. You won't need to enlist Google to help you solve cryptic or brain-bashing route cards. You will however need to guide your car round the correct (Regularity Rally, Road Rally or Stage Rally) route, book into controls, observe speed limits, and deal with the (amusing, real-life) incidents that are placed to delay you.

There has been plenty of feedback from competitors and when you login you'll see the positive changes that have been made in the Notice Board announcements.   You won't find a better desktop training ground for honing your navigator/co-driver skills and having fun at the same time.

For a fraction of the cost of a real event, you could take part in 48 mini-rallies on this year's Championship over the winter months, knowing that your £25 entry fee will be benefiting four key charities.   If you've registered and paid already, THANK YOU for your support. If not, head to: Entry Form and get practising.   

http://table-top-rallying.org.uk/TT2018-Entry_Form.php    'Crow' @tabletoprallying

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